Although not, when Band Band provides Garu as her lover, the guy will not take it easy on her at all

Although not, when Band Band provides Garu as her lover, the guy will not take it easy on <a href="">Korean dating apps</a> her at all

When Ring Ring spies into fighting techinques facility inside Band Band at the Fighting techinques Studio, she observes one Garu seems to be bringing they super easy into Pucca throughout their spar, barely enabling this lady touch the floor. It could be debated you to definitely Garu isn’t really seeking damage Pucca once the the woman is a great deal more solid than he could be, however, theoretically, so is Band Band.

Inside Plunger Soft drink, Garu almost drops down a-deep cavern, however, Pucca can rescue your by inhaling an excellent lot of heavens, taking him so you can their securely, not forgetting inadvertently getting a kiss. Afterwards, whenever Garu are freezing, Pucca gets your a scarf, and you may a-two-means mitten formed like a heart enabling the girl to hold his hands. Once they get to the Plunger Soft drink stay, he’s still holding give.

In the Romantic days celebration, just before Band Band interrupts the big event, Garu would definitely undertake one’s heart-shaped delicious chocolate Pucca created for your. He even featured wowed of the them when Pucca showed them to your.

In addition to, regarding Basketball Battle, when Garu results on account of Pucca’s help, it look at every other to possess a second prior to Garu voluntarily provides the lady a leading five. The guy seems ashamed through this action once as he sees just how excited Pucca becomes over it, however. At the time Ring Ring spotted they both performing brand new higher five, she turned up, interrupted the video game and you will grabbed Garu in her cluster. One another Garu and you will Pucca had angry. Ring Band passes golf ball to Garu therefore he is able to score, but once Band Band produced Garu brand new indication therefore they can bring this lady a top four, he forgotten this lady. When Pucca ends up profitable the overall game facing Ring Ring, Garu just claps for her victory, but lets their to help you kiss your all-over to go away purple lip scratching since their punishment to own dropping, in order to Ring Ring’s chagrin.

Garu specifically would like to move away from Pucca for the Garu In the Jail, so Abyo sets him from inside the a jail cell within cops station provide him the room he requires therefore he can meditate. Something try not to see bundle, although not, and very quickly sufficient, Garu finds out themselves relieved to

discover Pucca, mirroring the girl despair while they evaluate each other from the jail taverns (albeit their despair is out-of becoming trapped beside good ticking fart bomb).

Regarding Skeptical Online game, Garu are happier and you will claps for Pucca whenever she gains the basic games. Whenever Pucca observes how happy Garu is the fact that second game’s prize is a fantastic sword, she wins they to possess him, that’s willing to look for him spar in it later on having Abyo and you will Ching.

Inside the Dong King vs. Goh Rong Part dos, whenever Garu considers cooking for all those, he cares for the most he blushes bashfully after considering on Pucca when she appears in the front of your. You will need to observe that they merely got five minutes remaining to cook a cake, and Garu, in that respect notion of Pucca, managed to get a score from a hundred to conquer Dong King’s score out-of 99, rescuing the fresh new Goh-Rong off Dong King’s purses.


It could be contended one to often Pucca comes with the rational fortitude to know Garu’s music out-of distress in the astral plane, otherwise they are thus linked one to she can tune in to him, throughout the occurrence Astral Child and Fantasy Girl. She is capable go to the newest astral airplanes in different ways since the herself to greatly help your into their road to enlightenment. What’s more, it must be noted Garu ‘s the only one she hears in the astral airplanes if you find yourself she’s on bodily airplane.

In love Soup, Garu fell deeply in love with Pucca again because of effects regarding love soup one she created for your

In the episode Tobe the good Kid, he or she is viewed getting a flower crown one Pucca performed make to own him. The reality that the guy tried to chance falling-off an effective cliff so you’re able to save yourself this easy items suggests the guy does care.

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