Projects, Baluchistan

Projects, Baluchistan


The Adara  is working and now has 200 artisans employed who do embroidery on dresses and other household items like mats, napkins, tablecloths, table runners etc. These women   are paid for their  work. Apart from the income that these artisans earn to support   their  families, APWA also earned  a net  income of  Rs. 25,0001-this  year from  the  sale of  handicraft items  in Lahore.

The women in these centers  come  from  various shanty towns and villages. The main villages from where the women come to work  in the Adara  are:

  1. Mariabad
  2. Nachari
  3. The area on the  outskirts   of Satellite  Town
  4. KabirTajik
  5. Killi Ismail and

Other  than  these  villages,  the women   from  Sibi also come  and get  benefits  from  this  handicrafts skill development center.

The women working  in APWA classes produce different types of embroidery, special emphasis on local designs. This preserves for historical reference, many patterns that would otherwise have been lost  in this  mechanical world.


The Killi Ismail property, which is lying vacant is put under 24 hour security surveillance. The security is provided by a security company whose security personnel take shifts to oversee and guard the premises.

APWA’s High School participated in a workshop held by Hilal-e-Ahmer regarding HIV Aids. This workshop covered various topics related to the disease and measures for prevention.

Even in this dire conditions, APWA Baluchistan is progressing courageously to educate, empower and protect the health of the women/girls of Baluchistan.

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