Mehar AfrozeIn 2014, I took charge as President of All Pakistan Women’s Association.  It is a great honour and privilege for me to accept this position. Since its inception in 1949, APWA has continuously been playing its role as the First Volunteer Women’s Social Welfare Organization in Pakistan.
It is a challenging position and as President I will continue to provide leadership the Association requires in order to achieve its goals, and will work in close cooperation with the APWA team. Where volunteers have joined together in a group for community service, a pool of potential leaders is created.
In the beginning APWA was an untrained voluntary body, but experience and time have showed us the need for trained and professional help, which is now being increasingly used for policy making and planning and in administrative areas which carry responsibility for financing and directing services.
In order to change from purely volunteerism to an association, keeping pace with the fast developing group of NGO’s in the 21st Century, changes had to be made.
I took on Board Akhund Forbes as Legal Advisor. Deloittes as our Financial Consultants. Iqbal A Nanjee & Company (Pvt) Limited as Property Assessors. Ernst & Young Ford Rhodes as our Accountants, Sundo Chartered Accountant’s as our Auditors.
I am sure that with the dedicated team of APWA volunteers and workers the association will grow, motivate and attract even more volunteers for active participation in APWA’s social work, as was the dream of our Founder President Raana Liaquat Ali Khan.


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